Tests performed at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center of the Purdue University (USA), one of the most prestigious academic fluid power research laboratories in the world, were carried out using a 45cc pistons pump. 

Results showed a 73% reduction in peak-to-peak ripple. More interestingly, the reduction of the RMS parameter, quantifying the signal strength, reached 80%.


Other tests made in the laboratories of one of the world leader in the production of pump, , using a group 3 pump, with external gears, showed a 83% reduction in the peak-to-peak ripple.

Other tests made on field using a state-of-the-art agricultural tractor, provided a ripple reduction which, if evaluated using the peak-to-peak parameter, is 78% and if evaluated with the RMS parameter of over 90%.


The best performance found on a real application in which the signal is dirtier than in bench tests, indicates how V-BOX® effectiveness increases as the “noise” or dirt of signal increases due to all the elements involved in the hydraulic circuit. All this translates into a reduction of the vibrations and the noise of the system, and in case of operating machines, ships, boats in general, a consequent reduction in noise emissions and vibrations perceptible even far from the source.