About us

V-BOX® is the result of more than twenty years of experience by eng. Morselli in the study of one of the most significant issues in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic circuits: THE PRESSURE RIPPLE.

Every type of pump is affected by a delivery irregularity due to internal kinematics, volume pressurisation and internal leakage irregularities that generate pressure oscillation with consequent component fatigue, vibration and noise.

Eng. Morselli is the inventor of the first pump that almost completely eliminates these problems (CONTINUUM pump, patent filed in 2000, then produced and marketed by SETTIMA POMPE); in 2013 he patented a second type of LOW RIPPLE pump, (SHHARK pump, produced and marketed by TUROLLA DANFOSS).

Continuous applied research has now led to the birth of V-BOX®, patent of 2019; a device that drastically reduces pressure ripple, noise and vibrations in systems, applicable to all hydraulic systems regardless of the source of the RIPPLE.

Eng. Stefano Totti, founder of BB EVO srl, has been collaborating for over 25 years with Eng. Morselli on research and development projects in the world of mechanical transmissions, a field in which together they have designed and patented innovative solutions for the sector. It was only natural to extend the collaboration beyond support in the design stages to the production and marketing of the device itself.

BB EVO srl was founded as an innovative start-up in December 2019, with the aim of transforming ideas and projects into concrete products. V-BOX® is the first of these.